Powder Coating Services

Powder coating is a long lasting, superior finish that is tough, impact and fade resistant!

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Media Blasting

The first step to a perfect, long lasting powder coating job is the preparation of the metal. Through our careful media blasting process, we will remove everything down to the bare metal and hand sand any missed rough spots. All dust is then removed to create a clean surface, ensuring good adhesion and uniform flow of the powder.



After blasting, an electrostatic spray gun is used to apply a coat of zinc rich primer which clings to the metal creating a thermoplastic layer. The primer will inhibit rust and adhesion loss. Next, the item is placed in our oven to bake at 400 degrees until it sets.


Powder Coating

After the item has cooled, we hand sand again to remove any dust or imperfections. Next, your choice of color or texture is applied.  We have hundreds of colors and textures available to meet your needs, please see our colors page on this site to view charts from our vendors.  The color is applied the same way as the primer and once finished, the item is placed in our oven again to bake.  Baking times can vary depending of the powder of choice.  If a gloss finish is desired, we apply the gloss powder and bake it again.  The result is not only beautiful, but very durable and will last for years.


Pick-up & Delivery

We will call you when your item is ready. Payment is due on pick-up.

Unable to drop-off or pick-up your item? 
Right A Way Powder Coating offers on-site pick up and delivery of your item(s) at an additional fee.