Many Powder Coating Color Choices

Powder coating is ten times more durable and stays brighter longer than liquid finishes!

Right A Way Powder Coating has hundreds of colors and textures to meet our customer’s needs. The powders from our vendors are very versatile to accommodate many industrial and consumer applications.  We offer standard and popular powders, as well as, metallic and specialty powders- weather & UV resistant, anti-graffiti, candy, glitter, fluorescent, hammertones, antique/vein and designer finishes.

Browse the color charts below to choose the powder coat finish that’s right for your next project. You’re also welcome to stop by or contact Jason for questions about specific colors or finishes for your application and to see samples.

Exterior Powder Coating Colors


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These colors are optimized for products that must weather an exterior environment. Such features include: good weather resistance, good mechanical properties, very smooth flow, and good coverage. Including some of Series 38 with improved UV protection.

Interior Powder Coating Colors


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These colors are made of Polyester-Epoxy blends, and mix a variety of textures and colors for your interior environments.

  • Rough Texture Matte & Smooth Matte
  • Fine Texture & Rough Texture Glossy
  • Smooth Semi Gloss
  • Epoxy
  • FDA-Compliant Smooth Glossy
  • Electrostatic Dissipative
Essential Powder Coating Finishes


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This grouping of colors combines some of our most popular colors for various applications.

Metallic Powder Coating Colors


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These metallic colors work great for all metal applications.

  • Silver
  • Iron Glimmer
  • Pearlescent
  • Glitter
  • Holographic
  • Antique/ Vein
  • Metallic
Weather Resistant and Mechanical Powder Coating Finishes

Series 38- Super Durable

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This color series is the ultimate in weather resistance, preventing UV rays from fading your powder coating over extended periods of time. It also features greater chalking resistance, smooth flow, and great mechanical properties.

  • Architectural Matte, Satin and Semi Gloss
  • Glossy
  • Metallic
  • Bureau of Land Management Standard Environmental Colors
TGIC-free Powder Coating Colors

Series 59- TGIC-Free

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These coatings are TGIC-Free Polyester for exterior & interior use and come in various hues/metallics.

Special Effects, Unique Texture & Color Powder Coating

Special Effects

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These coatings combine unique textures and colors to create unique effects.

  • Fluorescent
  • Glow-In-The-Dark
  • Hammertone
  • Designer Finishes & Antico- Developed for the furniture and lighting industries. Designer Finishes and Anticos provide an out-of-the-ordinary designer look in two and three tone colors, textures and metallic undertones, simulating the oxidation of copper, natural rock and precious stone.)
  • Dormant Transparent & Clear
  • Transparent & Candy
Specialty, Anti-Graffiti, Reflective & Special Texture Powder Coatings


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These coatings are for niche applications like Anti-Graffiti, Reflective, and Special Textures.

  • Bengal- High gloss
  • Steel Rack- For industrial warehouse racking systems.
  • Series 39- Smooth glossy to semi gloss, mattes, textures and metallics.
  • High-Reflective White
  • Clear Coats- Glossy to matte
  • Out-Gassing Forgiving- Developed for castings, hot galvanized and forged parts, aluminum flame sprayed and other porous and out-gassing prone substrates, such as fired clay and ceramics.
  • Wrinkle- An attractive finishing solution for electronics and other metal cabinets, lighting fixtures, automotive accessories and more, as they offer concealment of metal imperfections.
  • Polyester Urethane’s
  • Exterior Mattes, Glossy’s & Rough Texture Glossy- Uses range from economical automobile under-body powder coatings to highly chip resistant automotive and marine products and show room quality wet-paint looks.
  • Anti-Graffiti- Excellent chemical resistance and surface hardness properties. Clear can be applied over any of our products to achieve a tough, cleanable surface.
  • High-Heat Resistant- Features a heat stability of up to 600 deg F (315 deg. C). Gloss and adhesion are subject to degradation in time.
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